FOUNDER: John Evangelical Ministries Founder Rev. KATURI JOHN is my grandfather. He was born in a humble idol worshippers house,his father name is Masenu and mother name is Chakramma and this family is strictly worshiping the pagan Gods but they do not like Christianity. In this circumstances my grandfather John came to know Jesus and he went to attend the church nearly 25 kilometers away from his house.     But his father do not like him and strictly warn him to not to attend the church and his father told him Christianity is from America and we should not worship the American God.    In India we are having millions of Gods. But my grandfather do not like his instructions and regularly attending the church services. In this circumstances my grandfather John was  thrown away by his father with empty hands,he took his Bible with a pair of clothes he and his wife settled in a very remote fisherman church near by sea coast village called Lodidhilanka and near by 15 villages he preached the Gospel and construct the village churches among the Muslims. In 1960’s there is no power and with mosquito bites 4 children were passed away.     In different villages he buried the children but his focusing to win the souls for Christ. While he was away from his house for all the time he went for GOSPEL. No one has looking after the children and no food for my grandmother and no medicines and no current. In those days it was difficult to feed his family that is why he loose 4 children in different villages due to mosquito bites and for cholera and by dreaded diseases the children were passed away.

    This is the foundation of our ministry. When my grandfather passed away after that my father has taken over his ministry responsibilities, after that on 2006 I have taken over his ministry responsibilities. So grandfather ministry is model to me and inspiration to me.