FOUNDER: John Evangelical Ministries Founder Rev. KATURI JOHN is my grandfather. He was born in a humble idol worshippers house,his father name is Masenu and mother name is Chakramma and this family is strictly worshiping the pagan Gods but they




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Team And Founder

Covid Relief

Covid relief program by JOHN EVANGELICAL MINISTRIES to our local pastors who are located in Sea costal belt and suffering a lot. Currently its lockdown situation in many states in India, People are suffering with lack of food and medicine

Tribal area outreach ministry

Tribal area outreach ministry Our ministry is working among the tribal and Hilly region people in remote parts of India. They are suffering with food and medicines and health issues.

About Us

John Evangelical Ministries India is a pagan country,rural India is very poor. Our ministry is working among fishermen people and drug addicts and below poverty region people and pagan idol worshipers in remote and slum areas of India. Orphanage: our