About Us

John Evangelical Ministries
India is a pagan country,rural India is very poor. Our ministry is working among fishermen people and drug addicts and below poverty region people and pagan idol worshipers in remote and slum areas of India. worshipers in remote and slum areas of India.

Orphanage: our ministry is having 35 orphan children those parents were passed away due to road accidents, suicides and deadly diseases. We care for them food and accommodation and clothing and providing good education.

Old age home: Our ministry is having old age home in India when the parents are become old age children neglecting and leaving them in humble condition. In this situation our ministry is taking care of the old age people. So far we are having 45 old age people in our ministry.

Tribal area outreach : Our ministry is working among the tribal and Hilly region people in remote parts of India. They are suffering with food and medicines and health issues.

Requirements : Our ministry is lacking the funds we do not have regular support. We need regular support. Kindly extend your helping hand to our orphans and widows and old age people.
Our ministry do not have the vehicle. We need the 4 wheeler vehicle 8-10 members vehicle.

Our ministry is having 25 pastors working with me in different parts of India.

Also we need 30 cycles and mega phones for outreach gospel ministry in rural India.